I don’t call myself an artist. I am different; my approach is different.

Many artists have a burning fire within them: a desire to create on their terms. They conceive an idea, intellectualise it, transform and interpret it; some of them are able to sublimate it. Their work might even be incomprehensible to some; it might need to be explained to be understood. Sometimes it can confuse people who might be too afraid to admit their ambivalence. This kind of art can present as being out of bounds; the world from where it comes: inaccessible.

As I said, I don’t call myself an artist in any rhetorical sense of the word. I enjoy creating but I also like exploring, experimenting, reusing old things… An idea comes to me and I try to put it into practice; I reckon I mostly use that part of the brain which is considered more logical or mathematical then properly artistic. As a matter of a fact, before Art I studied Engineering, and thus, I guess my mind was shaped.

I create by analysing, projecting, and, as someone sensitive to our resource drained world, I try to optimise. I think about how materials can be regenerated and even how they might break down over time and reanimate the work they make up. I actually think this makes it a kind of smart art. So, once again, I don’t call myself an artist, I’d rather call myself a smartist.